J.M. Barrie

‘Lisa Chaney, in her excellent new biography, gives Barrie credit for an intelligence and subtly others have not noticed. He was a phenomenon, and lived a phenomenal life, coming from an impoverished Scottish home to become world famous, hugely rich and uninhibitedly productive. . . Chaney is very good on Barrie’s writing in general.’
New Statesman

‘[A] wonderful new biography. . . [Chaney] places Barrie very much in his time, and is always good on his relations with other writers and with the contemporary world. . .Fascinating insights and answers.’
A.N. Wilson, Evening Standard

‘Barrie’s life is startling, quite apart from the wealth and fame. He is a biographer’s dream, indeed, and Lisa Chaney does well by this strange man’.
Penelope Lively, The Independent

‘I have been longing for a book to get to grips with Barrie’s unquiet genius, and this is it. Hide and Seek With Angels has the richness, sympathy and depth of a great novel. . . Splendidly lucid. The archetypal Lost boy has been found at long last’
Roger Lewis, Sunday Express

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